List of all Ongoing Projects being undertaken by the firm

(a) Consultancy Services for The Design Review, Construction Supervision Services and Contract Administration of Lot 2: Lokitaung Junction [Jn A1/C579] – Kalobeiyei River Road (A1) (80 Km).

The project road is located in Turkana County in North Western Kenya and is part of the 248 km road starting from Lodwar – Lokichogio – Nakodok and forms part of the Sudan link corridor that links the South Sudanese capital of Juba with the Kenyan Capital of Nairobi and the port at Mombasa. The road project is also a part of the LAPSSET (Lamu port, South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport) project that creates a second transport corridor that will link South Sudan and Ethiopia to the port of Lamu port in Kenya.

The project involves upgrading of the existing 6 m wide carriageway with 0.5 to 1.5 m wide shoulder on either side to an international trunk status of 7 m wide carriageway and 2 m wide shoulders.

The scope of works also include the rehabilitation of one bridge, construction of 11new bridges, 63 box and 104 nos. of pipe culverts.

(b) Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision Of Multinational Uganda-Kenya: Kapchorwa-Suam-Kitale & Eldoret Town Bypass Roads Project: Lot 1- Construction Of Eldoret Town Bypass Road Project (32km)

The project road is located in North Rift Valley Region, in Uasin Gishu County, approximately 400kms from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It starts at Cheplaskei centre on the Nakuru – Eldoret Road (A8) former A104 and runs in a north westerly direction, crossing the Eldoret – Kapsabet (C39) Road at Kapseret and terminates at Leseru, the junction of Eldoret- Kitale Road (B2) and Eldoret -Malaba Road (A8). The road forms part of the Uganda- Kenya link.

The proposed road alignment is an entirely new right of way (ROW) traversing farmlands and it rarely coincides with the existing access roads due to its functional category and design considerations. The site of the works shall be within the proposed road reserve and any other places as may be designated by the contract.

The project involves construction of a two lane single carriageway of 7.0m width and 2m shoulders. Construction of Three-(3) no. grade separated junctions (interchanges), construction of 4 new bridges and truck-parking facilities will be constructed as part of the works. Access roads to public facilities as well as wellness clinics at two locations.

(c) Consultancy Services for Design Review And Supervision for Construction Works of Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project: Eldoret Town Uasin Gishu County.


(d) Consultancy Services for design review, construction supervision and contract administration of the Isebania-Kisii-Ahero Rehabilitation Project (A1) Lot 2: Kisii-Ahero Section, Sirari corridor accessibility and road safety improvement project.
The project Road is an international trunk road running parallel to the Western borderline of Kenya with both Tanzania and Uganda. It forms the Southern link of the Tanzania-Kenya-South Sudan Transport Corridor, and serves as the main trade route between Kisumu port (Kenya) and Mwanza port (Tanzania) which are the key trading centers within the Lake Victoria basin.

The road project traverses Migori, Kisii, Homa Bay, Nyamira, and Kisumu Counties of Western Kenya. The main Project road is approximately 176km with this Lot 2 being approximately 84.1km.

Lot 2: Kisii – Ahero Section starts from Junction at Kisii and ends at Ahero junction with Road B1.

It also entails improvement of feeder roads linking the project road with markets, social and administrative centers. The feeder roads include:

  • Oyugis –Rodi Kopany road (C18) – 30km
  • Oyugis – Kendu Bay Road (26) -19km
  • Misambi (Jnc A1) – Ekerenyo (R33X/E217) -13km
  • Oyugis – Gamba – Marani (D220) Link (Detailed Design) -7km
  • Sondu Nyabondo Nyakach road (D218) – 6km


(e) Consultancy services for supervision of design and construction of Garsen-Witu-Lamu (C112) Road (FIDIC EPC/ TURKEY Based).
The project road is an international trunk road of approximately 113Km in length and traverses the counties of Tana River and Lamu. It generally traverses relatively flat terrain, with short stretches which are gently rolling.

Garsen-Witu-Lamu project road starts at the junction B8/C112 with Malindi – Garissa road (B8) near Garsen and follows a north easterly direction through Mijila, Idsowe and Gamba. It then proceeds south east through Nyongoro to Witu. From Witu Market, it takes an easterly direction up to Mkunumbi market. From Mkunumbi, the road takes a north – north easterly course to Hindi and then proceeds in a south easterly direction to terminate at Mokowe from where boat services access Lamu Island and Town.

(f) Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of the Marsabit-Turbi (A2) Road.

The project road, which is in Marsabit county of Eastern Province starts at Marsabit town and is part of the Mombasa-Nairobi-Addis Ababa Road Corridor Development Project, ending at Turbi Village with a total length of 121.5km. The work covers reconstruction, widening and upgrading of the existing gravel surfaced road to 7m wide carriageway and 2m wide shoulders each side making an overall road width of 11m. Financier of the Project is Africa Development Bank and G.o.K,contractor is Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co and the Engineer’s representative is Sheladia Associates Inc. in association with Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd. The overall progress to date is at 76.5%.

(g) Design Review and Works Supervision of Mau-Summit Kericho Kisumu (A1/B1) Road.

The project forms part of the Northern Corridor of Trans-African Highway, joining the port of Mombasa with western part of Kenya through to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. It carries significant amount of commercial traffic. The length of the project road is 56.26 km with additional climbing lane of 22.3 km. The start date of the contract is construed as 16th September 2010. The employer is the Director General- Kenya National Highways Authority, the International Consultant for the project is Sheladia Associates Inc. and the Local Consultant is Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd, while the contractor is Messrs SBI International Holdings AG. The progress achieved as of December 2014 is 94.86% of what has been planned.


(h) Upgrading to Bitumen Standard of Homa Bay-Mbita Road (C19) Contract No. RD 0711.

The Homa Bay – Mbita Road, classified as C 19, is 41.5 km in length and lies in Homa Bay and Suba Districts of the Nyanza Province. The project road begins at the junction with the Homa Bay – Rongo. It passes through Ogongo Km 13.7, Luanda Nyamasare Km 29.4 and Mbita Km 41. It ends at the east bank of Mbita Causeway that connects to Rusinga Island. The works consists of construction of bitumen surfaced road of standard with a 6.5 m wide carriageway and 1.5 m wide shoulders on each side for a total length of 41.5 km. The Financier of the project is GoK, employer Director General-Kenya National Highways Authority, contractor is Put Sarajevo General Engineering Company and the supervisor is AMA. Percentage of Work Completed[Total] to date is 83.9%.


(i) Consultancy Services for Supervision of Upgrading of Suna-Masara-Kehancha Road (C13) Road and Reinstatement of Awendo Mariwa Road (D202).

The Masara – Suna – Kehancha Road, classified as C13, is 47.1 km in length and the Awendo – Mariwa – Oyani road is classified as D202 is 20.4km in length. Both roads are in the County of Migori in the Lake Victoria Basin Western part of Kenya. The Masara – Suna – Kehancha road begins at the town centre of Masara on the Muhuru Bay to Suna road and joins the Kisii – Isebania (A1) Road at Suna and ends at Kehancha Town. The Awendo – Mariwa road begins at Awendo town on the Kisii – Isebania (A1) Road. The works consists of construction of bitumen surfaced road of standard with a 6.5 m wide carriageway and 1.5 m wide shoulders on each side for a total length of 67.5 km. The Financier of the project is GoK, employer Director General-Kenya National Highways Authority,contractor is China Wu Yi Company Limited and the supervisor is AMA. Percentage of Work Completed[Total] to date is 53.0%.

(j) Consultancy Services for Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design of Kisian-Busia Road.

The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK) has earmarked funds through the Development Vote to engage the services of a consultant to undertake the Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design for the Construction to bitumen standard of the Kisian – Busia (B1) road. Kisian – Busia Road is part of the national trunk road B1 from Mau Summit to Busia. It starts from the junction with Kisian – Bondo Road (C27) and runs in a north westerly direction through Maseno, Luanda, Yala, Nzoia River, Sega, Bumala and ends in Busia border with Uganda covering a distance of 102 km.

The Kenya National Highways Authority awarded “Consultancy Services for Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design of Kisian – Busia Road (B1) contract to Abdul Mullick Associates as per letter Ref KeNHA/D&C/CS/238/2011/5164 of 21 February 2011.The services to be covered by this contract are divided into two stages;- 1) Feasibility and Preliminary Design 2) Detailed Engineering Design.

(k) Feasibility Studies Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documentation for Lodwar-Lokichoggio-Nadapal Rd (A1).

The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GOK) has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project (NCTIP), and intends to apply the proceeds of this credit to eligible payments on, inter alia, the Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents for the Lodwar – Lokichoggio – Nadapal- Nakodok link of the Northern Corridor. Sheladia Associates Inc of USA in association with Abdul Mullick and Associates of Kenya were appointed to undertake the consultancy services for the above project.

The project road, Lodwar , through Lokichigio and Nadapal ending at Nakodok, is a 248 km northernmost section of the A1 highway ending at Nakodok, the border with South Sudan. A1 is one of Kenya’s main international/regional transport arteries. The Northern Corridor connects the port of Mombasa with Nairobi and the neighboring countries to the west. The main objective of the NCTIP is to rehabilitate the corridor roads and enhance domestic, regional and international trade, create employment opportunities, and develop a sustainable economy while contributing to poverty reduction. The project aims also at improving institutional capabilities in road improvement programs, asset management and environmental & social issues associated with road development.

(l) Provision of Consultancy Services for Design, ESIA, RAP and Tender Documentation for the Kisumu Northern Bypass Roads.

The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK), through the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) for the purpose of procuring consultancy services of an Engineering Consultant for the implementation of necessary studies and formulation of documentation necessary to enable procurement of works to construct the Kisumu Northern Bypass Road: Second Carriageway for Southern Bypass Road.

The project is located in Kisumu County of length 6.5 km and involves provision of second carriageway for the Southern Bypass from Nyamasaria first interchange on A1 at Nyamasaria Overpass through Kondele overpass to end at Busia Road overpass on B1 Road. The provision includes the provision of second carriageway to the on-going construction of the Kisumu Southern Bypass Road and provision of necessary slip roads. Sheladia Associates Inc. in association with Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd. was awarded the Contract for this consultancy work.

(m) Consultancy services for Feasibility Study & Detailed Design of the Lower Ewaso Ng’iro South Multipurpose Dam Development Project: Contract No. MRD/04/2011-12 – Implementation of Contract.


(n) Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project (NCTIP) Rehabilitation of Nyamasaria-Kisumu-Kisian including the Kisumu Bypass Road (A1/B1) Contract No. RD 0505.


(o) Development of Hazina Trade Centre Office Tower at Monrovia/Moktar Daddah Street, LR 209/6708.