Surveying and Mapping

AMA offers services in engineering survey comprising of topographical surveys and construction surveys for the design, checking and control of construction of roads, water supply, sewerage, dams and other engineering projects, using the latest survey equipment and software.

Other services include:

  1. Surveying and mapping in photogrammetry and remote sensing
  2. Carrying out cadastral and topographical surveys and densification of geodetic controls
  3. Carrying out engineering survey works on the ground, generating digital survey drawing for engineering design work
  4. Designing cadastral databases to support land registration, digitizing of hard copy cadastral of maps

The cumulative years of experience of the professionals in this department are over 70 yrs.



AMA facilitates training and technology transfer to officers seconded by the Client, to the project and has a comprehensive programme for the same. This programme has been implemented successfully by the firm in the past and generally involves the design aspects, documentation including tender evaluation, construction supervision, quality control and contract management.

Details of these activities would vary from project to project but at the end of the contract a report for each officer would be forwarded to the Client, if required.