Other portfolio include;-

Transportation and Safety

From planning to design studies, AMA provides solutions for the highway, roads and other transportation systems like railroad and pipeline. AMA provides preliminary and final design, as well as full service construction supervision of designed services and facilities. For example, the firm has been responsible for the design and /or supervision of roads to both bitumen and gravel standard throughout Kenya. AMA also conducts economic, financial and transportation studies.

The cumulative years of experience of the key professionals in this department are over 100 years.


Project Implementation Supervision And Management

AMA not only offers the most dependable services in projects design but also supervision and management. Our work stands out because of its high quality and tailor-made solutions to meet the clients’ needs. AMA has been assigned contracts for the supervision and management of numerous construction projects. At all stages of construction, quality control is integrated in the AMA’s operations.

No matter what the technical requirements are, the deliverables are always characterized by the rationalization of applied concepts, achieving the highest quality, as well as value for money.


Institutional Capacity Building And Policy Formulation

In providing institutional and capacity building services, AMA continue to build abilities, relationships and values that enable institutions and individuals in those institutions to improve their performance and achieve their development objectives. AMA initiates and sustains a process of change within an institution engaged in engineering activities like state departments and the private sector, as well as a change in processes that enhance cooperation between different state agencies and international financiers.

AMA’s consultancy services in this area strives to strengthen the processes, systems and rules that influence collective and individual behaviors and performances in order to address evolving institutional development objectives and adapt to new and evolving demands and needs. We strive to also build human and institutional capabilities to address the challenges of sustainable development. Moreover, our services constitute more than one-off events by incorporating adequate follow-up, evaluation and ongoing needs assessments. Most importantly, our capacity building activities are not developed in isolation. Rather, they are developed with an understanding of how they would potentially support and complement other capacity building activities and further the goal of long-term development objectives.

AMA also undertakes policy formulation consultancy services. This we do because we know that the current development thinking suggests that the policy framework is critical in determining the performance of capacity built firms, public sector bodies and other economic units.