Environmental and ESIA Project Management

AMA has both the registration and practicing certificates of competency as a lead firm of experts in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Audits (ESIA). We therefore provide consultancy services that lead up and propose the best solutions for projects to be realized within the context of national environmental legislative and regulatory frameworks of Kenya and international financiers’ guidelines.


In AMA, we believe in green economy hence we ensure developments do not adversely affect the environment. So in undertaking our consultancy services, we continue considering and integrating environmental issues to every proposed or existing development projects.


The areas of service under this section generally include but not limited to:

• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/Audit Studies;

• Preparation of ESIA, Monitoring and Audit Reports;

• Environmental and Social Planning and Management;

• Impacts Mitigation/Enhancement;

• Pollution Abatement and Waste Management;

• Construction, Borrow and Quarry Sites Rehabilitation;

• Resettlement Action Plan Studies.

• Preparation of HSE Management Plans according to best practices; and

• Environmental and Social Monitoring and Performance Evaluations.


The team in this department knows their destination – success.

We always succeed by requiring from all of us, a rounded understanding of the tasks before us to ensure direction and quality control of the technical content, asserts Mr. Kennedy Otieno, the section’s lead expert. He further concludes that the gathering of such a team with much experience, can only always, and has always led to one thing – results.

The cumulative years of experience of the professionals in this department are over 70 yrs.


Geotechnical And Materials Investigations


In providing Geotechnical and Materials Investigation services, our commitment is evidenced by our work in the areas of projects planning, design, and construction. We have constant willingness to provide practical, cost effective solutions to complex problems. This we realize through a highly qualified, well experienced staff of engineers, geologists and engineering assistants with the required ‘hands-on’ experience to provide the service you and your staff require in all areas of geotechnical and materials investigations. We take pride in our consistent ability to use technically innovative engineering.


Our team in this department has over ninety years of experience providing geotechnical and materials investigation services. This experience and focus has resulted in a base of knowledge associated with local materials, subsurface conditions and an understanding of the legislative and regulatory requirements.