The firm mainly offers comprehensive in house consultancy services in the following:-

  1. Civil and Structural Engineering
  2. Transportation and Safety
  3. Bridges
  4. Geotechnical and Materials Investigations
  5. Water, Irrigation and Dams
  6. Surveying and Mapping
  7. Environment and ESIA Project Management
  8. Construction Supervision
  9. Project Management
  10. Institutional Capacity Building and Policy Formulation

AMA has also gradually expanded its activities into other branches of engineering by taking on board professional with specialist qualification and experience.

Civil And Structural Engineering
AMA provides a complete range of Structural and Civil Engineering consultancy services, including:

  1. Design and supervision of various forms of structures e.g.residential buildings, shopping centers, offices,  hotels,warehouses
  2. Design and supervision of bulk excavations, roads, paving,
  3. Storm water, sewers, water reticulation and other civil engineering works;
  4. CAD design and modeling using Auto CAD Civil 3D 2013 and other latest software
  5. Structural Computer analysis and modeling
  6. On-site construction monitoring and quality control
  7. Preparation of structural reports for insurance purposes.

The engineers in this section have successfully completed the design and construction supervision of a wide range of high rise buildings and other civil engineering structures.
The cumulative years of experience of the four key engineers in this department are 80yrs.